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Mladí Praktici, prezidentka europskeho hnutia Vasco da Gama pozýva všetkých na nasledovný workshop! Ak učíte na univerzite alebo na SZŠ mohlo by Vás zaujať .

Zdraví  MUDr. Ľudmila Resutíková 


Dear All

See a great opportunity below to enhance your teaching and workshop facilitation skills. I will be one of the volunteer teachers for this non profit program and would love to see some of our vdgm family there! 

Feel free to circulate amongst your colleagues as you see fit. 


Warm wishes

Claire Marie Thomas, VdGM President

Subject: [YTA2017] Open Call for Participants (DL 06/09/2017)

# Do forward to members within and outside your NGO if you find it relevant
# DL to apply 6th September 2017 23:00 CET
# Dates:  18th November – 27th November
# Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
# Send motivation letter to:

Ever considered passing knowledge, skills, influencing attitude changes? Would you want to become a Trainer? 


What if this call was the opportunity you were looking for? Keep on reading and let’s find out! 

The Youth Trainers Academy is a unique opportunity to develop yourself along like-minded fellow trainers’,from various backgrounds, and connected with communities from several organisations

=== Where, when and how much? ===

Dates of YTA 2017: 18th November – 27th November 2017.

Participants are expecting to reach Vilnius, Lithuania, on Saturday 18th November 2017 by 16:00.

The organisers: Zero Generation

We will be hosted in a hostel of Vilnius, Lithuania.

The fee to be paid for the YTA 2017 will be:
– 250 EUR for students;
– 350 EUR for young professionals.

It includes accommodation, catering, travel cost in Vilnius, training materials and other event related expenses.

The catering will be provided throughout the event (3 meals per day + coffee breaks).

Part of the fee (150 EUR) will be expected as a confirmation of participation after acceptance (DL: end of September). An additional mail will be sent to selected participants.

=== Who can apply? ===

Any young individual aged from 18 to 35, involved in initiativesprojects, organisation for which transferring knowledge, experiences and best practices are key factors for individual and organisational development.

For many, becoming a trainer is a call, a wish to give back and/or a path towards self development. You can have a look at some elements about what it takes to be a trainer, that will illustrate some of the elements expected from you.

As you noticed, it requires a lot of dedication and next to the elements mentioned in the article above, we are expecting applicants who will demonstrate being:
– positive
– open-minded
– flexible
– hard worker
– responsible
– patient
– supportive
– team players

At Zero Generation, we tend to believe that what one gives is almost as important as what they can get from our events. If you think and feel that this event can benefit you, then keep on reading because this call is to host 30 participants.

=== How to apply? ===

In order to apply to this event, we will ask from you:

* A motivation letter stating why you are the right person to attend YTA 2016 (2 A4 pages maximum)
CV pointing out all the activities, initiatives, international projects you’ve been involved within and/or outside your organisation
* To be ready to transfer 150 EUR as confirmation of your selection when that time will come.

* A support letter from a Trainer, aka Angel, willing and ready to follow up on your development and support you for the next year (till December 2018) (**) (***).
This one is not compulsory, as we can provide an “Angel” if you don’t have any or request one among our volunteers.

Be aware that only complete applications will be considered for selection.

Do also take into consideration that, once selected, some preparation work will be expected from you before the event.

=== Selection criteria ===

* Self presentation
* Experience in your organisation
* Participated in at least 1 training event (3 working days minimum)
* Diversity (organisation, gender, country, etc)
Be available to deliver training for the next *** 3 years ***

NOTE: Next to the elements mentioned above, there is a part of subjectivity also from the trainers involved in the project. Whatever the result of the selection, we are ready and willing to provide some feedback to the applications; this might take some time though, depending on number of requests.

=== Application DL ===

All the requested materials for your application must reach the email address before 6th September 2017, 23:00 CET. We strongly advise you to start working on your application right away as collecting everything may take more time than you expect, especially choosing your future Angel.

=== Questions? ===

Still here… If you have questions about developing your application, further and for any questions, clarifications or just a chat about how it’s like to be a trainer, just talk to any trainer you know or find the people responsible for YTA 2017 online aka Milda Latakaite ( & Herve Tunga ( The choice is yours to make…

We highly recommend to you to take the needed time to read all the materials, ask questions or clarifications and start preparing your application.


Are you joining?

(*) You may be requested extra credentials to be recognise as Trainer in some of them. Contact your NGO Training Coordination for details.

(**) To support the development of YTA graduates, we set up an Angel Program. You can click to find the Angels Guidelines.

(***) If you don’t have a Trainer as Angel, let us know. We do have volunteers willing to take care of you.

Angel’s Guidelines Youth Trainers Academy